Cotton stool


Cotton fabric and resin.


Paper and resin.

Paper Stool


Paper and wood glue.

Kinetic Stool


Leather and steel with a pivoting seat top.

Ceramic Stool


Its finished


Today I got to the studio early and applied the final coat of wax to the chair. All finished with a day and a half before the critique.

While trying to figure out what the kinetic chair should look like I realized that I was sitting on the answer. It was the stool, both are the same shape and size so it was an easy adaptation.

It’s hard to tell from the photo but it is something like a ball joint just under the center of the seat. I wrapped it in black leather and gave it a two inch gap to allow it to rock n swivel. This swivel action straightens your posture and keeps your back muscles working. The leather acts as a shock absorber to keep the rocking under control.

I spent 8 hours aligning and realigning all of the pieces so that I could drill these 14 screws. The screws are the third connection point that holds everything in place and keeps all the gaps even.

These overlapping parts were a happy circumstance.  I settled with them because it was better than having strips of wood running across the chair. After seeing them all lined up and together they are my favorite part of the chair.

Here are two of my stools in the grad gallery for the Furniture department show.

The metal chair turned into a much bigger project than the semester could handle. So here is how it sits.  The shell for the seat is done and fits in to the chair. The leather for the back rest got hijacked by the kinetic chair, blue tape is pretty comfortable. I just need to give the frame some more structure before putting it all together.