The Thesis begins!!!


Our proposed thesis summaries were due recently.  We were told that they will probably change and evolve into something else by the end of the year. If it does I’m sure it will be for the better but I’m pretty excited about the direction I’m heading.

So here it is.

I had just turned 28 and was itching for a major change in my life. I had applied for graduate school because that seemed like the next logical step but the plummeting economy had me doubting if that investment could pay off.  My other option was to sell off everything I owned and live off the land migrating from southern to northern Arizona following the weather.  My future would ride on the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

My theses will be the book that tells the story of my alternate life.  The life I would be living right now had the outcome of the election gone differently.  I set out into the world with nothing but what I thought essential to survival.


My research will be introduced into the story as flashback like scenarios, comparing and contrasting the likeness of other real nomadic cultures to my nomadic experience.  This research will inform and guide the journeys of my contemporary nomadic life.


My thesis work will be a collection of the alternative dwellings and supplies my fictional self crafted while scaling down and learning how to live a nomadic lifestyle.  My collection of pieces will consist of shelters, a device for cooking, a means for traveling from the desert to the woods and everything in between.  The final presentation of these relics will be presented as if the viewer were in a natural history museum. Walking through the “museum” each display would visually tell a significant story from my travels.

If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns or questions please leave a comment.


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